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Kathleen Celmins

Creator of...

Become a Well-Paid Expert™

RE: My New Book!

Date: Monday, July 15

Dear fellow expert,

Hi, my name is Kathleen Celmins…

I've spent the past decade helping entrepreneurs monetize their knowledge through strategic positioning and automated selling systems.

I’m also the author of Become a Well-Paid Expert™ (my new book).

Here’s the thing…

In my decade empowering experts to profit from their gifts, I’ve noticed three key reasons MOST specialists STRUGGLE to build lucrative businesses or charge rates reflecting their value.




Without solving those core issues, charging premium rates for your expertise and service becomes extremely difficult.

The good news is I can help you stop struggling to profit from your knowledge. Become a Well-Paid Expert offers a faster, simpler path to prosperity than trying to figure everything out through trial and error.

When you get access to the toolkit today, you'll discover:

  • How the Well-Paid Expert™ system works

  • How to instantly get leverage in your current business

  • How to develop multiple passive income streams

Plus, much more.

You can download it right now…

Next, let’s look at…

What People are Saying About the Step-by-Step Expertise Monetization Blueprint Revealed in Become a Well-Paid Expert

"Excellent walk-through of how to start building and marketing your next big idea"

I really like the "three day workshop" format of this book, and the exercises are new to me and helping me unearth new, original ideas that I can see myself actually developing into a tangible product. I like the explanations of "what to do next" and the encouragement to move forward with those "next" actions despite the inevitable internal critic2 Columnism that tries to derail that forward momentum.


"Figure out where you want to head with your business"

I took this book with me on a retreat and worked through it. I found it extremely helpful in terms of brainstorming what I want to do with my business next, and how to focus on the essentials. The exercises were meaningful and helpful. I still go back to my copy, where I've made notes, to develop the next stage of my planning.


"Smart, incisive exercises to move your work forward"

I love how Kathleen teaches through story — and that her lessons are so, so smart, direct, and EFFECTIVE. If you have longed to take an idea and finally, finally move it into action, this is the support that gets you there. No one sees the truth of thinking like Kathleen. Working with her approach has evolved my business in lucrative and fulfilling ways.


"Wish I had this book years ago!"

Got the digital copy and loved it! There are so many entrepreneur stories and insights that really help me to understand my business better. Starting a business is hard but this book really helps to simplify it and be able to make money quickly in the business. Highly recommend!


"Quick read to get yourself focused"

Loved this book! Was a quick, relatable read that can help you get started in the right direction with a marketable business -- whether you know what that business is yet or not. Great for generating ideas to make money online.


"Yes, the best time to brainstorm is actually when you are sleepy!"

Love this book. So many great ideas that I never would have thought of. Perfect for entrepreneurs but a treat for everyone else as well.


"Great book! Exactly what I needed!"

This book helps you get refocused, gain clarity, and more importantly, a clear strategy to achieving your business goals. As a business owner you need a coach in your ear guiding you through mental blocks in business. That’s exactly what this books is doing for me!

Excited to implement the strategies and see where this takes my business!

Thanks Kathleen!


Become a Well-Paid Expert™ Puts You On The Fast Track to Monetizing Your Knowledge

In Become a Well-Paid Expert™, I share proven methods you can use to quickly and easily monetize your knowledge.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this book:

  • A step-by-step methodology for turning knowledge into profit

  • The 5 essential ingredients all expertise businesses need

  • Real-world case studies from regular people now earning upwards of $100K a year

  • How positioning yourself as an expert drives automatic customer acquisition

  • Why expertise is the ultimate marketing leverage

Plus, much more.

Download it right now…

Getting started is easy!

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